Code : NC 1006


AquClean NC 1006 is special high active strong alkaline formulation to Neutralize Corrosive components after removing Scale and Corrosion Particle from tubes in Boilers, Steam lines, Condense Tubes, Cooling and Chilling  Systems Vessels and pipelines.

AquClean NC 1006 is mixture of chemicals Alkaline and Passivation Chemicals which helps to protect parent metal from Acid attack and which helps loosen the left over Scale dirt, silt, algae, sludge etc., makes the cleaning process faster.


Appearance             : Color less to Light Blue liquid.

pH of the Solution   : 12.5 – 13.5

Solubility                 : Miscible with all types of Water.

Foaming Property    : Slight.

Corrosivity               : Nil.


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