Code : OD 2002


Aqutreat OD 2002 is a unique formulation designed to REMOVE and prevent Scale particle on water side surfaces of Medium and Low Pressure WATER TUBE / COIL TYPE Boilers.


Aqutreat OD 2002 is mixture of chemicals softening agent, sludge conditioner and Polymer.


Aqutreat OD 2002 is a liquid compound for removing and inhibiting the Scale formation in Boilers and feed line.  Aqutreat 0D 2002 provides the properties like Softening of feed water, prevention of Sludge deposits.  Aqutreat OD 2002   remove and inhibits the formation of Scale and suspends the Sludge particles, which can be removed from the Boiler in the process of Blow Down.

Appearance             : Color less to pale yellow colored liquid.

pH of the Solution   : 6.5 – 7.0.

Specific Gravity      : 1.15 – 1.25.

Solubility                 : Miscible with all types of Water.

Foaming Property    : Nil.


Corrosivity               : Nil.

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