Code : BR 1065 M

All In One Liquid Water Treatment Chemical For Boiler Feed Water


Aqutreat BR 1065 M is special high active all-in-one liquid Water Treatment Chemical product designed specifically formulated INTERNAL TREATMENT CHEMICALS for Trifling Hardness and high TDS Water for medium/low pressure Boilers.  

Aqutreat BR 1065 M is blend of chemicals softening agent and Dispersant. And it is mixture of Oxygen Scavengers, Anticorrosive Chemicals, pH booster, Alkalinity Builder and Sludge Conditioner.  Suspended sludge is kept in liquid form, which can be removed by blow down.

Appearance             : Brown Color liquid.

pH of the Solution   : 11.0 – 11.5.

Solubility                 : Miscible with Water.

Specific Gravity       : 1.08 – 1.12

Foaming Property    : Nil.


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