Code : CR 4030

Cooling water Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor and Dispersant

AquCool CR 4030 is a liquid product designed to control scale deposition and corrosion in once through and open re-circulating cooling water systems.

AquCool CR 4030 contains a threshold inhibitor and contains a blend of organic sequestrates and dispersants and additionally it containing Zinc as the main corrosion

inhibitor for control of mineral and non-biological organic fouling together with corrosion inhibitors.


AquCool CR 4030 can work in conjunction with biocide chemicals.


Appearance             : Clear Colorless to pale yellow Liquid

pH                           : <2.0

Specific Gravity      : 1.02 – 1.10

Solubility                 : Infinite in Water

Flash Point              : None


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