Code : CC 3014

Closed Loop Circulation Water Treatment Chemicals

AquChill CC 3014 is a liquid product designed to control Corrosion and Scale deposition  in Closed Loop Circulation Water System and Chilling Plant.


AquChill CC 3014 will prevent the corrosion in the closed circulation water line by passivate the corrosion preventive layer on the surface of the pipelines and the water storage tanks, and the surfaces of heat exchangers and condensers.  Since it is borate based polymer with very high tendency of corrosion inhibition. It also contains a threshold Scale inhibitor together with corrosion inhibitors, which provides protection for steel, Brass, copper and copper alloys.

Appearance             : Pale yellow to Straw Yellow Liquid

pH                           : 11.0 – 12.0

Specific Gravity      : 1.1 – 1.25


Solubility                 : Infinite in Water

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