Code : CB 5040

Micro biocide for Cooling System to control Bacteria, Fungi and Algae

Aqucide CB 5040 is specially designed to prevents growth of Microorganisms such as Bacteria, Fungi and Algae in the open recirculation Industrial Cooling System.


Aqucide CB 5040 kills the Microorganisms growing in the cooling system and thereby keeps the Heat Exchanger tubes and Cooling Tower clean.  This improves heat transfer on metal surfaces and lower operating costs.


Aqucide CB 5040 can work in conjunction with Antiscalant and Anticorrosive chemicals. For best results use this product every alternative week with Aqucide CB 5020 to avoid immunity.


Appearance             : Slight yellow colored Liquid

pH                            : 7.8 - 9.0

Solubility                 : Completely Soluble

Flash Point              : None


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