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About Us

Mathru Chemicals formerly known as Mathru Enterprises Est.2000 are pioneers of water treatment chemicals. Mathru Chemicals aims to give sustainable solutions and eco-friendly solutions for industrial purposes. We are headquartered at Bengaluru, India and operate globally.
‘MATHRU’ meaning ‘MOTHER’ in Sanskrit is skilled for showing unconditional love and abundant care for her family. Similarly, our company treats their clients as its family and gives the best products and services at all times.
All our products are designed by team Kevico (Team of professionals) to satisfy needs of the client making it highly energy-efficient, eco-friendly and easy operations our efforts have lasting results, creating higher performance for our clients and reshaping the world around us to build a better future.
Satisfied customers all over the world has made Mathru Chemicals a successful company.

Mathru Ensures Safety

While our water treatment chemical product gives several edges to society, they also need to be managed in a very accountable way, minimizing any adverse effects on human beings and also the surroundings. Mathru staffs take this responsibility seriously in operating arduous to confirm that mathru’s product are factory-made, stored, transported, used and disposed in a very economical manner that shows high regard for human health, safety and environmental care.

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